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Magnolia Market

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If you come to Waco, you have to visit the Magnolia Market! The Magnolia Market was built by Chip and Joanna Gaines. They are located at the Silos at 601 Webster Avenue. Before Chip and Joanna bought the Silos and turned them into a mecca for Fixer Upper fans and home decor lovers, the Silos were just sitting there abandoned and forgotten. My husband climbed to the top of them as a teenager, as have many other local kids. To their dismay, the staircase twisting around the Silos has been blocked off. But the trade off for the City of Waco has been worth it. This amazing market place and outdoor gathering area brings in millions of tourists ever since the place was built. It has transformed downtown Waco into a vibrant travel and shopping spot that is dominated by local vendors.

My Trip to Magnolia Market: Summer 2019

I’ve been to Magnolia Market twice since it was built. The first couple of times I had a baby with me and I was kind of in a rush so I didn’t get to enjoy it. I decided to go there again, once and for all, and soak in all of its goodness!


In other words, it was HOT AS HELL. We still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I just came out drenched in sweat and a little sun burned.

Where to Park:

There is a $10 Parking lot at the front of the Silos that is run by a church. If you want to save your money, drive around to the back of the market and park in the free gravel parking lot. That’s what we did! There is an entrance in the back corner. Here is a map of the Magnolia Market.

magnolia market map
Magnolia Market Map

Here is a close up of the map. You can see where the back gravel parking lot is located. Its a big gravel parking lot with a fence around it. Theres a bunch of construction going on around there but if you just keep heading towards the back left corner of the lot, you will get there!

Magnolia Map Close Up

Magnolia Market Food Trucks

When you first go in the back entrance you see all of the food trucks lined up along the back row. Aren’t the cute??!! I just love food trucks.

food trucks magnolia market
Magnolia Market Food Trucks

I thought the cutest food truck was the Luna Juice Bar food truck. Let me just say right now that these people working at the food trucks are out here in 100 degree Texas heat, so you really have to love what you do to be out there like that. You have to respect that kind of dedication. Give them tips and tell them thank you.

Club Sandwich Food Truck
Club Sandwich Food Truck

Club Sandwich has the best food truck food! The meat they have is amazing. The owner is really super nice too and gives out free samples and treats to little ones.

alabama sweet tea food truck
Alabama Sweet Tea Food Truck

Next I went to the Alabama Sweet Tea “food truck”. I don’t think it was an actual food truck though, it kind of looks like a shipping crate. Anyways, I got in line to get some tea and when I got in view of the menu I was floored, THE TEA WAS $8 freaking dollars. Well I thought dammit I want some tea so I’ll give it a try. It’s not like I come to Magnolia Market every day anyways… Might as well support the vendors.

I got unsweet tea, because I don’t do sugar. It came in a really awesome cup, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss. But at the same time this tea cost as much as my food so that doesn’t really seem right…. Plus it literally costs 2 cents to make a cup of tea so these people are definitely getting over on you. If you want sweet tea go to Bush’s Chicken and get a large one for 50 cents. But I digress….

Magnolia Market Lunch

food truck food
Club Sandwich Food Truck Food and Alabama Sweet Tea

Check out my lunch. Pretty sweet huh? The tea cup it pretty rad. I still think charging $8 for it is blasphemy though. By this time I was sweating my ass off, but luckily the tea had a bunch of ice in it and cooled us off.

After we ate, we checked out Joanna’s Garden and swung on these big giant swings they had.

Magnolia Market swings
Magnolia Market Swings

Ok you can’t actually see the swings in this picture, but I am sitting on the swing. You can see the rope its hanging from. There was a nice little picnic table area set up next to the swings.

magnolia market swings
Magnolia Market Swings

Magnolia Market Seed + Supply

Here we are now in the garden area. Before you go in there is this cool old green truck out front. Photo Op Alert! This is a good spot to take a picture next to the truck with the silos in the background.

magnolia market truck
Magnolia Market Green Truck
magnolia market garden mushrooms
Magnolia Market Garden Mushrooms

We found these cool wooden mushrooms in the back corner of the garden. My kids thoroughly enjoyed climbing all over them.

magnolia seed and supply
Magnolia Seed and Supply

The Magnolia Seed and Supply store is back in the garden area. I didn’t go in there. I should have, but I heard it is small and crowded in there. And here are some flowers at the garden.

Flowers in the Magnolia Market Garden

Magnolia Market Courtyard

Next we went over to the big green courtyard. This is where kids can run around and play. They have a bunch of these cool black and white striped bean bag chairs you can hang out on. If it was cooler outside, I would have stuck around this part longer but it was just too damn hot to be under direct sun.

The coolest bean bag chairs on the planet

I want some of these bean bag chairs for my house! They have some little outdoor games you can play like some stacking blocks and some throw the hacky sack in the hole games…I don’t know what they are called…

Kid at Magnolia Market

This kid made some kind of fort out of the bean bag chairs and was standing in the middle of a tower he made of blocks. How inventive!

Magnolia Market Summer Pop Up Shops

This summer they had these summer pop up shops which were pretty neat. Its like a little vendor fair with arts and crafts and clothes and accessories.

Magnolia Market Summer Pop Up Shops
Summer Vendor Pop Ups
Magnolia Market Summer Pop Up Shops
Magnolia Market Summer Pop Up Shops

They had some cute art and hand made stuff. I didn’t get any close ups though. Shame on me.

Next we headed on over to the big daddy Magnolia Market. Lets go!

Magnolia Market Store

Magnolia Market Store
Magnolia Market Store

They had lots of rails and ramps to accommodate strollers and wheel chairs. This place is well thought out. Even though it was crowded, there was enough room for everyone to get around and get where they were going.

Inside the Magnolia Market

magnolia market display
magnolia market display

When you walk in you can see their seasonal display. This work of art is made of concrete and has some gold paint in the letters and cracks. It’s actually the fall display, not the summer display. Summer is almost over at this point.

magnolia market fall display
Magnolia Market Fall Display

These leaves are part of the fall display. They’re actually hand made and hand painted leaves. Its pretty impressive if you think about how the put them all together with the strings.

magnolia marker fire place
Magnolia Market Fire Place

Here is a fireplace on the wall inside the store. It looks pretty neat with tiles on the inside. I should do that with my fireplace because I don’t even use it. My daughter is standing there trying to break stuff. Luckily she didn’t break anything becuase the stuff in the store is expensive. Is that shiplap on the walls?!

magnolia market shop
Magnolia Market Shop

This display was cool. It was an old filing cabinet with a lot of drawers and they had pens and notebooks and magnifying glasses. It was so cute and cozy looking! I REALLY wanted one of those magnifying glasses and so did my daughter but they were like over $30!! ahhh.

Magnolia Store Warehouse

All of this stuff was in the first room you walk in when you go into the store. This used to be the only room of the store I believe. I went there a couple of years ago and I just remember there just being the one room. BUT NOW….They have opened up a HUGE WAREHOUSE in the back! So check it out!

Magnolia Market Shop Back Warehouse
That’s my kid but that’s not my stroller

As you can see its pretty big and full of this kind of stuff….

Magnolia Market Home Decor
Magnolia Market Artwork

These are the metal art works that are featured in the Fixer Upper show by Jimmy Don Holmes. There’s a lot of knock offs of this type of artwork. I am pretty sure I got some words that say family that are made out of metal from JoAnn’s. But this is the real deal.

Magnolia Market Kids Stuff
Magnolia Market Kids Stuff

We found the kids section! YAY! They didn’t really have that much kids decor though. I wish they had more. They had all of Joanna’s kids books, some stuffed animals, some wooden toys (that my kids could have cared less about, but they were cute).

Magnolia Market Kids Section
Magnolia Market Kids section

I really wanted that scalloped shelf. They had a few of them for sale, but they were way out of my price range. It’s kind of hard to see but it was really cute. At this point my kid tried to escape into the back of the warehouse so we had to get out of there. I saw Chip’s corner on my way out.

Chip's Corner
Magnolia Market – Chip’s Corner

The End of My Trip

And there it is. There’s the Magnolia Market for you. I still can’t believe a tv show about home make-overs has led to this kind of following. Let alone, home make-overs in Waco, Texas. It’s crazy! I mean it is a good show, but they have an entire store and books dedicated to it. It blows my mind! Anyways, at this point we were exhausted from the heat, so I had to escape the Magnolia Market before one of us had a heat stroke. Thank God for this Water Station.

Magnolia Market Water Fountain
A cute water fountain

On the way out I spotted some Magnolia recycling bins. How do they get their own custom painted recycling bins?!?! Well at least we know they are trying to recycle and do good for the environment.

Magnolia recycling bin
Magnolia Recycling Bin

Oh yea, we were way too exhausted from the heat to go into the Magnolia Bakery, but I snagged a photo of it.

magnolia bakery
Magnolia Bakery Lookin Slick

They just really know how to make buildings look good. I don’t know how they do it.


Wow that was exhausting! But at the same time it was really fun and dare I say..magical? They probably did the best job anyone could ever do creating an urban oasis in the middle of Waco, Texas. They deserve a round of applause. I had a lot of fun there and now I want to go back for Silobration! There’s just a really cool vibe going on there. Its kind of like an artists village with all of the little shops and food trucks. I just love it there. There’s a sense of community there, even thou most of the customers are tourists, the vendors are from Waco. It’s good to see them all doing so good at such a cool place.

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