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About Me

Here is the ubiquitous about me page! Well here goes. I am from Waco Texas. I have lived here my entire life. I have a husband, 2 kids and several critters running around the house. I am a web designer, graphic designer, artist, blogger, and social media expert, so if you need assistance with any of those things, contact me! I also have various other interests, such as art, photography, quilting, and home decor. I love vintage and thrift store finds.

Living in Waco

If you are wondering what it is like to live in Waco, well you have come to the right place! Waco is a small town but its the perfect size to me. It is not overcrowded (yet). Everything is about 15 minutes away. I can get to downtown within 15 minutes from my house. If you live around here it will probably be the same. There is a lot of stuff to do around here. We have a lake, a water park, parks for kids, lots of kids activities, sports, a big 12 college, smaller community colleges, a technical school, and lots more!

Until recently traffic hasn’t been too bad in Waco. However, the increase in tourism and the contruction on I35 has changed that. Most of the time its not too bad though.

I like living in Waco because it’s peaceful. Things go a little bit slower here. It’s a laid back place. One time I went to New York City. When I got off the plane I was taken aback by how fast everyone was walking! I was like ok this is not WACO TEXAS…better pick up the pace!

I’m literally sitting in my living room with my front door wide open in the middle of the afternoon. That’s the kind of place Waco is. You can leave your front door open and no one is going to mess with you.

Why I Created This Website

I am fascinated by my city and its recent growth. I also just want to share with people about my city and help the visitors that come here. Plus I have been downright bored the past few years. I always wanted to move away from here but my circumstances and have had other plans for me. My goal is to write about something and experience something new every week in Waco Texas. I want to experience my town like a tourist would.

So grab some snacks and a drink and stick around for a while! Come learn about Waco Texas and all the things you can do and places you can see! Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list to learn more about Waco and stay up to date with the city from a local Wacoan!

waco girl