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Create a DIY Fixer Upper Mantel Like Joanna Gaines

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This post may contain affiliate links and some really cool fixer upper mantel ideas.

When I went to the Magnolia Market last week, I was so inspired by the home decor inside the store. I wanted to create a guide for people like me who want to put some of that fixer upper goodness into their own home! So why not transform my ugly old mantel full of souvineers and knick knacks into a fixer upper mantel?

Magnolia Market Fixer Upper Mantel

magnolia market mantel
Fixer Upper Mantel at the Magnolia Market (and my daughter trying to break stuff!)

So this is the fireplace and mantel they had set up in the actual Magnolia Market. At first it seems pretty simple, but at the same time you can see the attention to detail that was used in setting it up! Its obviously a store display, but at the same time it feels so homey! I just love those tiles in the fireplace. They look so cool! I don’t even use my fireplace, so I am seriously considering doing this!

Ok, now I’m going to break this thing down into parts so you can create one like it! (and me too!)

The Actual Mantel

Ok first of all you have to paint your mantel white. I know that sounds daunting, but let’s face it, if you don’t have a white mantel, its not going to be a fixer upper mantel! My mantel is just a plain old brown wood. So I need to paint it white. But not just any white. It’s got to be distressed white. All you need is some sand paper and 2 colors of paint – white and off-white or tan. IT’S NOT THAT HARD!

How to paint fixer upper mantel distressed white

Here is what you are going to need to start

  • sand paper
  • 2 colors of paint – white and off white or tan. Chalk style paint is the best paint to use for painting furniture.
  • brushes & towls
  • Container to mix the paint

Now all you have to do IS:

  1. sand down some parts of the mantel with the sand paper. THis will make some parts soak up more paint than others.
  2. Then paint the mantel with the darker color of paint first…the tan or off-white color. Don’t put too much paint on the edges so some of the dark wood shows through. Let it dry completely before doing the next color.
  3. Mix the white paint with some water to create a wash. Paint the thin white paint on top of the darker paint. Let dry.

THAT’S IT! How easy is that?!? Why haven’t I done this sooner? I am going to paint my mantel ASAP. Ok, now that we’ve painted the mantel, it’s time to decorate!

The Vases on the Floor Near Fixer Upper Mantel

The first thing that literally jumps out at me on the floor are those terra cotta vases with the big O shaped openings. I found so many cute similar vases and jugs on Amazon that are close to what they have at the Magnolia Market.

Creative Co-op Terracotta Pitted Sand Finishes (Set of 3 Sizes) Vases, Light Grey

Set of 2 Assorted Sullivans White & Red Clay Decorative Jugs

Aged Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer 6-Pack 4” Weathered Clay Ceramic Pottery Planter Cactus Flower Pots Succulent Pot Drainage Hole- Great for Plants,Crafts,Wedding Favor Indoor/Outdoor Plant Crafts

Creative Co-op Small Orange & Whitewashed Terracotta Urn, 10 Inch High, Orange

Creative Co-op Grey Terracotta Reactive Glaze Finish Vase, Small

Sullivans Small White Ceramic Vase Set, Rustic Home Decor, Distressed White, Set of 3 (CM2333)

Oh my, I love those milk jug vases. They are so adorable. These are just a few of the vases I found that would go good with our fixer upper mantel.

Alphabet Poster

Next up you gotta find a cool black and white alphabet poster to place at the top of your mantel. It doesn’t have to be the alphabet though. Maybe you want to put a message or some artwork up there. Here are some ideas!

Vintage Alphabet and Numerical Cursive Classroom Poster Chalkboard Word Art – Back to School Teacher Appreciation Gift – Multiple Sizes

How cool is this alphabet poster?! I like it better than the one at Magnolia Market, but that’s just me. It reminds me of an old chalk board from school. I think I am onto something here. I think any monotone art print will work. Here are some more cool ideas…

Alphabet Letters Monogram Initials Wall Art Print Poster -11″x14″ UNFRAMED- Minimalist Black White Typography Artwork for Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, Kids Playroom

wall26 – Framed Wall Art – Dandelion in Black White – Black Picture Frames White Matting – 23×31 inches

Dandelion Fluff ‘Make a Wish’ Wall Art Prints – Set of 2-11×14 UNFRAMED, Clean, Minimalist & Modern Black, White and Gray Decor

Botanical Prints Wall Art – Eucalyptus Leaves – (Set of 6) – Unframed – 8x10s

The possibilities are endless! Just using Joanna’s fixer upper mantel as a starting point really helps me come up with ideas for my mantel. Let’s see, hmm, what else do we need? Some more vases!

Glass and Wooden Vases/Candle Holders

I’m not sure if these are vases or candle holders, but either one will do! I don’t even see these glass candle holders on the Magnolia Market Shop website, BUT I found pretty much the exact same glass candle holder vase thing on Amazon. Voila!

SUNWO Borosilicate Glass, Clear Candle Holder, Glass Chimney for Candle Open Ended, Glass Hurricane Candle Holders of Any Size

And then there are those wooden candle holder holders…well you’re going to have to either travel to Waco, Texas to get those or get something similar! Here are some similar wooden box ideas you can use to put the glass candle holders in. Or you can set them on these wooden discs…

Fuhaieec 5pcs 5.5″-7″ Unfinished Natural Wood Slices Circles with Tree Bark Log Discs for DIY Craft Woodburning Christmas Rustic Wedding Ornaments

Wood Planter Box, 5 Inch Square, Rustic Barn Wood, Plastic Liner, Garden Centerpiece Display, Wedding Flowers Holder, Home and Venue Decor, 

The Mammoth Design Flower Vases Bud Pots in Wooden Rack | Rustic, Vintage Home Decor | Windowsill Accessory, Wedding, Kitchen, Dining Table Centerpiece

I think just mixing glass and wood will have a similar affect. So think glass and wood, wood and glass, rustic wood and glass!


Now the next thing we need for our fixer upper mantel is some florals! These are so fun to pick out. It’s fall so I’m going with some fall florals that match what is in the Magnolia Market. I almost found an exact match! Check it out!

Package of 12 Mini Pumpkin Stems for Fall Florals and Decorating

These have little pumpkins on them so they are super festive. Or there’s these which are less pumpkiny and more realistic…

Worth Imports 18″ Bittersweet Spray, Set of 2, 2 Piece

I personally like cotton bulbs, being from the south. They have the same look and feel as some of these autumn florals.

Souarts Cotton-Stems 5 Packs 10 Balls 21” Per Stem Cotton Stems Bulk Farmhouse Decor for The Home Cotton Flowers Bolls Farmhouse Style Rustic Floral for Home Wedding Decor

Ok, just a few simple autumn florals is all we need! Next up is the tile backspash that is in the fireplace! This is my favorite part of the entire set up. If you dont want to fill your fireplace with tiles, well I’m sure we can think of an alternative…

Tile Backsplash

When I see tiles that are decorative, I think of spanish tiles. I don’t know if the tiles they used are considered spanish tiles, but they look similar. Theirs seem less decorative and elaborate than the spanish tiles I am looking at. The spanish tiles are called “Azulejos”. I’m just going to hang some of these tiles on the wall above my fireplace because I have enough room above mine.

Home Decor Line CR-67253 Tiles Azulejos Kitchen Panel, Black

I found this whole panel of black and white tiles that will go perfect with my new mantel! I also found some cool little framed azulejos tiles that would make nice accent pieces on the wall.

CafePress Portuguese Azulejos Framed Tile, Decorative Tile Wall Hanging

Well that pretty much covers everything on the Fixer Upper mantel! I had fun searching for all of the different pieces. Which ones do you like the best? Leave me a note in the comments!

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love watching Fixer Upper and I never thought about trying to recreate a mantel until now! All the links and detail will surely help!

  2. I love all those pots, they make the space look so beautiful. And that alphabet poster is such an unexpected thing but it goes so well with all of it. Great job!

  3. I am obsessed with this look! It’s right up my alley?

  4. Great DIY project!

  5. alunderfullife

    This is gorgeous! I wish we had a fireplace to create this mantle!


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