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How to Handle the Heat in Waco Texas

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If you live in Texas, you know that it gets hot, REALLY hot. So if you are visiting, its a good idea to come prepared for the heat. Read on to find out tips and tricks to handle the heat in Waco Texas.

When is it Hot in Waco Texas

When is it hot in Waco Texas? Well that depends on your definition of hot. My friend knew a family that moved here from California. This year we had a pretty mild spring. It was around 70 degrees most days with some highs in the 80s. Sometimes it was cool in the morning in the 60s. That is a mild day for Waco. This family thought it was too hot and decided to move back to California! Me and my friend thought that was hilarious because they hadn’t even experienced the summer yet.

In the summer its HOT AS HELL. You can’t even go outside without sweating. If you are a woman, like me, you will experience boob sweat and walk around all day with a sweaty bra on. I’m constantly changing my bra in the summer time to get rid of the sweat. Sorry, TMI.

Summer drags on through September and bleeds into October. It is September right now and I believe the high is going to be in the 100s today. So anytime from May to September will be hot. August is usually the worst.

How to handle the heat in Waco Texas

A few years ago we broke several records by breaking the 110 degree mark for like 2 weeks straight. Things were melting in my car….

How to Prevent Melting


  • Candy – mainly chocolate and gummies.
  • Makeup
  • Candles
  • Frozen foods
  • Other foods
  • Plastics – I have had plastic objects melt in my car before

I have had all of these items melt in my car. Just yesterday I had a bag of candy melt in my car. I have had several lipsticks and chapsticks melt in my car to my dismay. Do you know how frustrating it is to buy a $10 lipstick just to have it melt the next day? UGH! I also have had candles melt in my car. I still have a book from college (go MCC!) that has wax on it from being next to a candle in my trunk that melted.

What to Wear

If you come here in the summer, you’re going to want to dress light. That means shorts and t-shirts or tanktops. I am wearing pants today, but if I was trekking about site seeing, I would probably wear shorts. If you wear pants, wear loose pants so they can get some breeze.

For shoes, I wear slip on moccasins. I like to protect my toes and I don’t like wearing socks – they are too hot. Any sandal will do though. If you are going to be walking around downtown, wear sandals with a good sole so you don’t trip.

You’re also going to want to protect your skin and eyes. Sunscreen is a must if you are going to be outside for a while. Also sunglasses and a hat will help shade your head and face.


  • Sunscreen
  • Sun Glasses
  • A hat
  • Breezy clothes
  • Extra bras and undies and other clothes if you get too sweaty

What to Drink

When its hot, you sweat. When you sweat your body loses liquid. Since our bodies are over 50% water, you are going to want to stay hydrated. In the summer I am always drinking water because I’m sweating all the time. Since plastic bottles are polluting the environment like CRAZY, I suggest bringing a water bottle and filling it up at a fountain or at home. I am also a HUGE FAN of sparkling water. Not everyone is, but I don’t drink soda, so sparkling water it is.


  • A giant water bottle or 2.
  • Ice in your drinks


It gets so hot here in the summer. It can be dangerous for some people and children. Make sure you and your kids are protected and hydrated. Do you know how to handle the heat in Waco Texas? Leave a note in the comments!

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