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My Trip to the Little Shop on Bosque – AKA The Magnolia Warehouse Shop

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I had some free time on my lunch break today so I decided to check out the Little Shop on Bosque! Yay! I have been driving by this place for years and never stepped inside. If you didn’t know, I live and work in Waco Texas, read more about me here!

What is the Little Shop on Bosque?

The Little Shop on Bosque is Magnolia Market’s Sale Warehouse. They sell discounted Magnolia Home products. The discounted Magnolia Home products might be dented or damaged or scratched, or maybe they just had over-stock from the Magnolia Market.

Little Shop on Bosque Hours

The little shop on Bosque is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. I went there on a Thursday afternoon around lunch time (on my lunch break teehee). It really wasn’t very crowded at all. I’d say there were about 5 or 6 people inside shopping and 5 or 6 people outside shopping. There was plenty of room to walk around and there wasn’t a line to check out or anything like that. The parking was ample. There is a church or school or something next door that serves at the parking lot.

History of the Little Shop on Bosque

The Little Shop on Bosque has some history to it. It was the original Magnolia shop and has the original MaGnOLia logo nailed to the roof. It has been there since the beginning. I remember driving by it and admiring the MaGnOLiA lettering. I thought it was pretty cool, but just blew it off as another home décor store. And I didn’t even have money for home décor products at the time anyways! I believe it closed for a while when the Silos and the Magnolia Market were built on Webster Ave. in downtown Waco. The re-opened the Little Shop on Bosque in 2018. It has been the perfect place for discount Magnolia home décor shoppers ever since.

magnolia little shop on bosque
Outside of the Little Shop on Bosque

This is the outside of the little shop on Bosque! It’s so cute. I love their old logo. This logo was on their realty signs and trucks around town before they changed it to the more sleek MAGNOLIA letters.

magnolia shop on bosque
Little Shop on Bosque tent

Here is a tent outside the Magnolia warehouse shop. It had a lot of florals, baskets, cute vases and bottles.

little shop on bosque
Cute pots, baskets and bottles

The flowers look real! The pots are nice too with the two toned paint dip. You can’t go wrong with milk bottle vases.

little shop on bosque
Pots and vases at Magnolia Warehouse Shop
vintage milk bottles
Vintage Milk Bottles

They had some REAL VINTAGE MILK BOTTLES outside the store. I WANT THESE!! They were so cool. You could tell they were real because the glass looked different and the labels were kind of distressed. They were pretty cheap too. I don’t know why I didn’t get one. I’m a chicken. GOT MILK?

Inside the Shop

magnolia shop on bosque door
Magnolia Shop on Bosque Door

Its time to walk through the door! Like a kid in a Candy Store!! Jojo Siwa anyone?

magnolia shop on bosque
Inside Magnolia Warehouse Store

When you first walk in, its pretty small! Its just like a little house. The first interesting thing I saw was this baby mobile. It looks like a CAT TOY! Maybe that’s why it is on sale. MY CAT WOULD LOVE THIS!!! Then if you turn to the right you will see this lovely floral display….

magnolia shop on bosque
Floral Display Magnolia Shop on Bosque

The flower display is stunning. You can see each of the plants on the wall. It reminds me of those old hand drawn plant specimen diagrams. Don’t you think?

magnolia chalk boards
Chalk Boards at Magnolia Shop

Then I found these cool kid’s chalk boards. It looks like someone was practicing their cursive lettering on one of them! Do they even teach cursive lettering in schools anymore? I don’t think they do. My grandmom had the best cursive handwriting…. but I digress.

magnolia home label
Magnolia Shop Label

I thought these baskets were pretty cool, but you can’t see them because I just took a photo of the close up of the label. Oops! Oh well. I thought the label was cool because it said Magnolia Home 2015. You can see a big ol’ scratch right under the label….maybe that’s why it is in the warehouse sale!

Outside the Shop

magnolia shop on bosque

The inside shop was pretty small so I went back outside to checkout the rest. There is another outdoor shop outside under a patio. It probably has more stuff than what’s on the inside shop. They had a lot more baskets. Some more chalk boards and some larger items. Oh and they had some cool floral bean bag chairs that were really cute. But they weren’t the Magnolia brand, so that was kind of a bummer. I guess they sell stuff that isn’t Magnolia brand too.

They also had a bunch of small jars…like hundreds of them! They were kind of cute and unique because the jars had black tops. I have no idea what they would be used for though….I guess maybe if you make jelly or sell herbs or something? Maybe a candle maker could use them? I don’t know! What do you use small jars for? I am curious! Leave a note in the comments below!

vintage sign letters
Old Sign Letters at Magnolia Warehouse Shop

They also had a bunch of old sign letters. This was the coolest part to me! The selection wasn’t huge, but that’s understandable since they probably got these from random places. They definitely didn’t manufacture these like some of the other stuff in the store. Well that was about it for the Magnolia Little Shop on Bosque. It is nowhere near as big as the Magnolia Market! Read about my trip to the Magnolia Market here!

taco truck
Taco Truck on Bosque

And when you are done shopping you can buy a taco from this taco truck aross the street! Las Trancas Taqueria #2. They have really good street tacos! Not sure why there is a sun beam shooting down from the sky to the taco truck…is it aliens?? Or is that how they cook the tacos? I don’t know!


I thought the Little Shop on Bosque was a neat shopping experience. I thought they had a good selection of items for a good price. It was really cool that they had real vintage finds like old milk bottles! I was glad that it was no all mass produced stuff. Although it was small there were some things there I would buy if I had any money. I am flat out broke at the moment sadly. That’s one of the bad things about living in Waco. The jobs don’t pay much unless if you are some kind of Doctor or Lawyer, or famous HGTV couple. Have you bought anything at the Little Shop on Bosque? Leave a note in the comments and let is know what you found!

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