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Spice Village Waco

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Are you wondering what Spice Village is in Waco? Well wonder no more! Here is the low down on Spice Village Waco.

Spice Village – Unique Place to Shop

Spice Village is a unique place to shop in Waco Texas. It is a conglomerate of local retail businesses under one roof. According to their website there are over 60 local vendors at Spice Village. Spice Village was opened in 1997 downtown and has been providing a unique local shopping experience ever since.

They have clothes, home décor, candles, artwork, handmade items, toys, baby clothes and toys, stuff for dad, they have everything!!

My Trip to Spice Village

I went to Spice Village today for the first time! It is located in an old 2 story complex that has several restaurants and bars. I decided to stop by on my lunch break and brought my two girls with me. If you have kids, I would say it is OK to bring them to Spice Village. We even found an area with a bunch of kids toys and toddler toys. You just have to watch them and make sure they don’t break anything.

spice village stairs
Climbing up the stairs…

When you first walk in the doors you see 2 giant wooden staircases. The staircases are pretty tall, so if you have a hard time going up stairs, you will want to take the elevator. When you make it to the top of the stairs you are inside SPICE VILLAGE!!

When you walk in right now there is a big display that says pumpkin spice! I forgot to take a picture of it though… stupid me!!!! STUPID!! HELLO I’m dumb.

But I did get a bunch of cool pictures of the shops..inside the village. You see, there are 50 or 60 shops inside. Its kind of like one big flea market but the merchandise is nicer and you check out at one register at the front. I REALLY wanted some of these candles but I wondered off and forgot to pick one up before I checked out.

spice village candles
Spice Village Candles

I don’t know if you can see the sign, but the name of the scent was the official spice village scent. It smelled good! Like spices! They had other Waco themed candles too like these Brazos Blend candles.

Brazos Candles
Brazos Blend candles at spice village

The Brazos blend smelled more like flowers or cotton. I’m not really sure of the scent, but it was not spice related. I’m glad they didn’t actually smell like the Brazos River because that would be more like a fishy garbage smell...

THen I turned the corner and found this! Cool colorful pot holders! I need some of those, that’s for sure. I’ve been using the same spiderweb Halloween pot holder for a couple years now. Luckily its almost Halloween so its back in season.

spice village pot holders
Pot holders and zipper bags at Spice Village in Waco

They also had some colorful little zipper bags that were really cute. But I have no idea what I would use a zipper bag like that for. Surely I could find something to put in it like pencils or random tiny objects laying around the house.

By this time I was getting pretty deep into the shops and decided to turn around and go back the other way. When I turned around my 2 year old decided to stand at the top of the giant stair case and look down it like she was about to jump. So I grabbed her and she screamed her head off. You see my daughter is a screamer. She screams at the top of her lungs about everything. I think the entire store knows who I am now. Anyways, next we found these cool art prints. They looked like digital prints on canvas paper.

spice village art
spice village art prints for your house
spice village art prints
spice village art prints

I really love the print of the mermaid. I would like to put that in my bathroom. The giraffe is cool too. I could see that in a baby’s room.

art prints at spice village Waco texas

I thought the art prints were really cool. I wanted to get this little deer one, but I chickened out. Then I found some more cool wall art. These were just black and white letters. It looked like they were printed on linen or canvas and they had rustic wooden framed.

spice village waco texas
spice village wall art cursive letters

I love these cursive letter prints. They remind me of Magnolia Market stuff. They look like they were printed on linen or unbleached canvas with rustic wooden frames. These are cool because you can hang them on the wall in your home and communicate with guests about your family…like this family is NOT disfunctional AT ALL.

spice village
spice village cursive initials

This next shop also features cursive letters. It looks like they were cut with a digital laser saw. I am interested how these were made. I imagine you have to put an order in to get your initials made…unless if you just hit the jackpot and happen to have the initials LPH. If those were your initials you could just walk up and take them off the wall and to the register!

spice village
spice village baby stuff

And now some baby stuff!! They had some really cute adorable baby items – clothes, stuffed animals, bowls, books, you name it, they had it. It was way better than the baby section at Walmart, THATS FOR SURE! So, if you need to buy a baby gift, come here! Support local business, stop shopping at Walmart!!

spice village
spice village baby items

This was another baby shop. They had this cool giant ruler which I thought was adorable. I really could use one of those for my girls! Then I spotted these cool baby blocks. They are like the ones your grandparents probably had. I desperately want these baby blocks!

spice village
spice village baby blocks

They even had Spanish and Sign language letter blocks. I totally would have got some by they were pretty pricey…around $50. But the quality of them was probably worth it.

spice village
Spice Village Tiny Hands Gag Gift

And last but not least, I came upon a man-themed gift shop. There were a few of these scattered about. Few and far between all the female stuff. So you can buy your husband, dad, brother, or grandpa something while you are out shopping. These Tiny Hands are on my list of stuff to get my hubby. Definitely a MUST HAVE ITEM in our house. DON’T TELL HIM. He’s not going to read this anyways….Also, they are cheaper than the Tiny Hands on Amazon, what!? I didn’t expect a boutique to beat Amazon on prices, but this one did! Don’t worry, you can still buy the Tiny Hands if you can’t make it to Waco.


Wow what a cool shopping trip! We managed to make it back down the stairs without falling. And a very nice Waco Tours guy opened the door for us on the way out. Southern hospitality at its finest!

If you are in Waco, you have to check out Spice Village. You will not be disappointed. Also you can feel good about shopping at a local business instead of those big chain stores. See you around town!

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