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Waco Murals and Graffiti

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I love art and Waco has had a bunch of murals pop up lately. I haven’t found all of them. There are a lot. But here are the Waco Murals I have located.

My Trip to Downtown in Search of Waco Murals

Ok so I don’t know if you consider it a trip because I live 15 minutes away from downtown Waco, BUT, I drove downtown on Memorial Day to scope out all on the murals I could find online. They are all surprisingly close together. You could do a walking tour to find most of them (hmm idea?). Well these are the murals I was able to photograph before my kids ans husband started getting grumpy. Yes I forced them to go downdown with me and sit in the car while I drive round like a chicken with its head cut off taking pictures of walls.

Starry Night Mural

Location: 1000 Columbus Avenue.

This Starry Night mural is pretty impressive! Van Gough would be proud. It also looks really fresh like it wasn’t painted very long ago.

Starry Night Waco Texas Mural

Jesus Mural

Location: 600 Austin Avenue

This mural has been there forever!! Before any of these new murals started popping up. It looks like Jesus and then the other circles have capital buildings and some famous churches maybe? I’m not 100% sure. One of them looks like the Taj Majal. What really is cool is the windows on that building. One of the floors is like half way in-between the other floors. HOW WEIRD IS THAT!? That’s Waco for you. Just weird stuff like that exists here.

waco jesus mural

You Look Nice Today Wacotown Mural

This mural was done by a famous artist who came to Waco to make her mark on this town. She thought we looked nice.

wacotown mural

Hey Sugar Abstract Mural

This mural was painted by Mick Burson in 2014. What I really love about this is that its on an old wall that is just jetting up into the sky. I love how the owners left that wall there…exposed bricks and all. It is on the side of the Hey Sugar Candy Store. This mural used to look better though. Its getting kind of faded from the sun. Someone needs to touch it up.

Hey Sugar waco
Waco Mural
waco mural
waco mural

Bloom You Mural

This mural is next to the Hey Sugar Mural on some garage doors. Its cute and hand painted so I included it! Sorry for the crappy picture through my front window. It even has the artists name Jagutte. Its a positive happy mural!

Waco History Mural

This mural is pretty new. It was painted on the side of diversified products. It shows the history of Waco. It is so huge, you can barely see the details when I get the entire mural in my frame. So I took some close-ups too.

waco mural

Here is the first close-up section of the Waco history mural. It has a green field of flowers and then moves on to a village of houses. It looks like there are mountains in the background, which I don’t get because there are no mountains here. The mountains kind of look like the Waco Dam, but I’m not sure.

waco mural

Close-up #2. This is the Waco tornado that devastated the city in 1953. It pretty much destroyed downtown Waco aside from the Alico building, which stood standing after the storm. The tornado didn’t hit the entire city, just mostly downtown. My mom was 1 year old when the tornado hit and she was ok…along with my grandparents and their house.

waco tornado mural

Close-up #3. This shows the Alico and some other buildings and developments. WHY DIDN’T THEY PUT “ALICO” ON TOP OF THE ALICO BUILDING?!?!?

waco mural

Close up #4. This is the suspension bridge. The 3d perspective is kind of crazy, but that makes it look more human I suppose. There is some milk, a Dr. Pepper bottle and some Mrs. Bairds Bread. Not sure what the milk signifies, but I know back in the day there used to be a milk man in town because my mom attests to it. Dr. Pepper was created in Waco Texas. There used to be a bread factory in town, but I don’t think its still there. It might just be a distribution center.

waco mural

Close up #5. This is more of the image above, but you can see the train next to it.

waco mural

This is the last close up I did of the Waco History Mural. The only thing I recognize on this part is the Magnolia Silos. I have no idea what those people are doing getting pulled by donkey’s in carts.

waco mural

Other Waco Murals

Here are some more murals that are more like graffiti and probably were not commissioned by the building owners. That doesn’t mean I still don’t love them! BECAUSE I DO LOVE THEM! These are some of my favorite murals in Waco. I wonder how long they will last before they get taken down

Ninja Turtle Waco Mural

This mural is of Leonardo from the ninja turtles. It says Pizza Time Dude! It is actually just down the road from the Waco History Mural, if you are driving towards I-35.

waco mural

By this time my daughter was begging to go to the Spirit Halloween store so I quit my mural seeking adventure and headed out of downtown.

You can go see them too! What kind of murals do you like? The perfect stencils or the messy hand drawn murals. I like the messy ones and the graffiti. The other ones are just too perfect.

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